The Baku White City Office Building provides Class A offices with all that you would expect in terms of high-quality finishes and advanced specifications and systems. Along with the building’s exceptional accessibility and a host of other features, the state-of-the-art offices will give your business a definite market presence.

The structural design of the Office Building reduces the total number of columns in each tenant space, providing total flexibility for layouts of individual offices, open-plan spaces, furniture and equipment. Ceilings in most areas of the building are free of protruding beams, which mean higher ceiling heights as well as easy reconfiguration of partitions and rooms.

Every floor has its own balcony and the five highest levels of the building feature extensive terraces; both allow you to capture the air, the sun and breathtaking views of the Caspian Sea and the city. From top to bottom, the brilliant natural light and vistas from the building will provide an inspiring environment for your business.

Helping to minimise sound and provide a calm workplace is a ‘quiet’ wall system that incorporates high-performance double-glazing. This effectively blocks external noise, so you will be undisturbed by the traffic on the nearby highways. Giving the building a striking appearance and making it stand out, not just in the immediate vicinity but across Baku as a whole, are modern, attractive and sustainable materials that are intrinsic across the whole design.

There is the comfort and convenience of underground as well as street-level parking for both tenants and visitors, with the total number of 350 spaces equating to one parking slot for every 60 square metres of office space. It’s all part of being at one of the most enviable addresses in Baku.

In keeping with a forward-thinking scheme, a fundamental consideration in the Office Building’s development has been the local environment and ecology. The building has therefore been designed and constructed to meet the highest sustainability standards, and is currently being rigorously assessed by BRE Global (an independent approvals body) for the globally-recognised BREEAM certification.


1. Thyssen Krupp Elevators with cabins for up to 13 people, with a speed of 1.75 m/s
2. Energy-saving air-conditioning system of Daikin VRV fourth generation
3. Energy-efficient LED lighting
4. The heating system is equipped with duplex burners, which operates with gas and the diesel. Centralized recessed heating system
5. Isolated heating supply - 7 days
6. Water supply system with water filtration and softener; tank with a special antibacterial coating
7. Isolated water supply - 3 days
8. 100% isolated power supply through generators
9. Constant supply of fresh air with a multiplicity of 1. Equipment - SystemAir
10. Dissolution of evolved CO2 in the ambient atmosphere
11. Garbage chute on the floors
12. 24-hour security of the building and surrounding area


1. Concrete structures of buildings - in accordance with the standards of ASHRAE *, CIBSE *, NFPA * and BS * 8110
2. Steel structures - in accordance with BS 5950
3. Pressures on the building - in accordance with BS 6399
4. Foundations - in accordance with BS 8004
5. Seismic - in accordance with UBC in 1997, to nine on the Richter scale. 8 points.
6. Waterproofing of structures - in accordance with BS 8007 and BS 5628
7. External drainage and sewerage - in accordance with standard BS EN 752-6-1998
8. The collection and removal of waste water - according to standards: BS 5572 and BS 8301, BS 752
9. Water supply - in accordance with BS 6700
10. Fire alarm and fire - in accordance with BS 5839 and NFPA-13,14 and 15, BS EN 12845, NFPA 20
11. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning - standard ASHRAE, NFPA 90A, BS 5655, BS 5410, BS 6880 and BS 799
12. Lighting - Compliance for CIBSE L2003
13. The grounding system and protection of electrical networks - in accordance with BS 6651, BS 7430 and BS 7671
14. Protecting buildings against lightning - in accordance with BS 6651
15. Structured Cabling System (SCS) and the server room - in accordance with the standards of EIA / TIA 568B and EITC